Borderlands 3


Aug 13, 2019
Any takers?

I finished Borderlands 2 last month. I'm very late to the party on it, having discovered it earlier this year. This was the most fun I've ever had playing an FPS game.

I actually need to finish the rest of the DLC before playing BL3.

Also, is anyone waiting for it to come out on Steam? Or are you fine with Epic? I've seen a lot of anti-Epic store fans saying they won't buy until it comes out on Steam. A Twitter acquaintance who's a game developer, made an interesting case for Epic. I'm still on-the-fence.


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Aug 22, 2007
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My problem with Epic is that at present they are throwing money at everything except their own store. I'm very confused why a store being made and used by a modern company with a VAST amount of wealth still lacks basic features such as a shopping cart. Something that even the cheapest of generic store front websites has.
I've also read of quite a few security issues, hacking problems and general issues with the store side of things. For a company wiling to spend millions to get exclusive games it just seems really odd that they can't put together a professional top end store. Esp when their intent is to compete with Steam which has all the features.

Epic is almost taking a step back 20 years or more in shop development for games; hwich is really odd when they are trying to compete with steam so heavily today.

I'm also not happy with their general attitude; things like a sale without developer permission, security issues, sniping games to be exclusive off things like kickstarter when those games had already promised launch keys on other services. They just give an air of a company I don't trust or feel good faith toward.

So right now I'm happy to wait, though honestly if push comes to shove registering on their store front wouldn't be a huge barrier