August / September 100 Words Anonymous Challenge Discussion Thread


Shropshire, U.K.
Feb 13, 2006
Shropshire, U.K.
This is the thread for discussing the stories and later guessing the authors.

Theme: Crime & Punishment

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Peter V has come up with the above theme and genre.

PM Your entries to @mosaix (that's me). I will post them into the entry thread. You have until midnight on Sunday 15th September to submit entries.
I'm gonna do it a bit different, this time.

Oh, I'm not gonna lie; I've written my story already. But I'm not turning it in for a bit, so Y'all can just say, 'Cathbad's is the second story!!'

Newp… this time, you'll have to work for it!
Astronaut at Dino City Hall: Who says a sequel can't be original?

Grime and Purgishment: The harm we do to ourselves also hurts others we do not suspect.

Court Record: Case 12063, the Honorable Karen Jean Richards presiding: What's so bad about feeling good?

Reparation: He who calls the tune must pay the pipers.
There's just about two weeks left to get your entries in.
I've been so involved with trying to inject humour into the 75 word challenge (which Muppet came up with that one?) that I'd forgotten about this challenge.... I'd better try and get something written down asap
Unexpectedly I'm going to be away this weekend, back Monday morning. So I'm going to extend this until Monday midnight and post the poll first thing Tuesday morning.

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