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Modern Supercontinent Dream


Active Member
Sep 9, 2016
This morning, I dreamed about a supercontinent in the times of modern civilization that basically was the result of Europe breaking up and then coming back together, with some parts of Asia and North America also breaking up and coming together to form this mainly European supercontinent. I was thinking about turning this into a story about someone from Europe. But I was wondering, do I have to mention early on(like in the first chapter) that what was once Europe became a supercontinent? And what about Russia? Would it become all Asian in this European supercontinent formation or would it stick out of the European supercontinent? Or would Russia break into 2, and the Asians call what was Asian Russia, Siberia, while the Europeans keep calling what was European Russia, Russia?

Here are some images to clarify things:

World map as of now

Countries and islands that form the European supercontinent. Black ones are definite. Russia in red is not definite. And you can see I drew the divide between Asian Russia and European Russia

So would Russia break up at the Ural Mountains, would it stay with Asia and become 100% Asian, or would it stay with the European supercontinent and become 100% European? If it breaks up at the Ural Mountains and the Ural Mountains become part of the European supercontinent or if it becomes 100% European, I predict that the part of Russia west of the Ural Mountains will become a desert.


Great Old One
Staff member
Jul 29, 2005
47°9′s 126°43′w
Can't see how Japan and the Philippines would get around the bulk of Asia, I'm afraid

Interesting animation, based on what the experts in plate tectonics expect to happen:


Vince W

Towel Champion
Sep 9, 2011
I wouldn't mention it but you have to be clever about it. Just give readers the basic idea that there's a new Pangea. If you do it right the character dialogue should provide all the information necessary. For example, you could mention that Eurussia (West of Urals) has become more sophisticated, while Eastrussia has become primarily agrarian. Or however you see it.