Cosplaying your Characters at Cons

Feb 13, 2011
In your bedroom wardrobe...

I've been listening to an intriguing podcast from Jackie Sonnenberg on Madness Heart Radio Podcast. She's a horror author who also has a main job in the Haunted House theme park industry in the States.

A huge part of her self-marketing is spending a considerable amount of time recreating outfits and props of her characters and using them in Cons. It's extraordinary that I've never thought of that before, bearing in mind fantasy and SF has so many dress-upable-as characters.

I thought for those of you who do the cons, it might be worth a bash. Or perhaps just worth bearing in mind. Here's a link to her page; scroll down for the pics (they're nothing mindblowingly original, but still, it's a good idea IMO).

I can't see myself dressing up as Jumbled-up Jack or Bobsie (I'm neither a jigsaw of body parts nor a traingular red midget), but I wouldn't mind dressing up as the Grinning Abbess from my wip. :X3: