2000AD/ Starlord: what film adaptions would you like to see?


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May 4, 2005
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@Vince W's thread 2000AD Rogue Trooper Film has got me thinking about which characters would transfer well to cinema.
Rather than hijack Vince's thread (sorry I sort of did) I thought I'd start another.
I do sometimes forget what were Starlord and did they make the jump to 2000AD.

Anyway I'd like to see:

Strontium dog.

Robusters, but I'd like it from when they first started, funny with Ro Jaws and Hammerstien being a little rebellious.

Wolfe Smith
Can’t remember what the story was called, but I remember one about Romanian vampires during WWII and the German soldier that knew their secret. All was fine for him whilst allies but then Romania changed sides and he found himself being hunted by the vampires. This would probably make an interesting series.
I'd love to see Judge Dredd's Cursed Earth and The Block War/Apocalypse Ware stories done. I remember being thrilled by them as a kid.

A second for Tharg's Shocking Futures or Twisted Tales.

Charley's War.

Bad Company was very good and would translate well to the small screen.
I first 2000 AD comic I read was this one. I'd like to see this "Dredd vs monster" story on the big screen.


Since Marvel Studios has already pumped out Star Lord, Avengers, etc, etc. I'd still like to see a "MAR-VELL" film, even all of the Captain Marvels together in one movie. But for now, I want to see an ADAM WARLOCK film.


@Vince W - double feature world be nice. I didn't know about ZOMBO (thanks bro).

@anno - I didn't know about HOOK JAW. Thanks man.

@Vladd67 - sounds like a great story.

@nixie - Thanks for introducing me to more comic books.
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Sorry for the early Marvel Comics reference. 2000 AD/Star Lord, got it!


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