2000AD Rogue Trooper Film

I think it could work, even if it only slightly resembles the 2000AD character, a genetically engineered soldier would likely be popular.

I've always wanted a Strontium dog film, but feel Durham Red would transfer easier to the silver screen than my favourite Johnny Alpha.
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I loved Rogue Trooper, so I really hope that this is a success.

So many great stories and characters from 2000AD need a wider audience.
An SD film would be a dream. If Rebellion's studio investments pays off we may see one eventually. Given today's interests I could see an Caballistics Inc./Absalom film doing very well. I would love to see Sin & Dex brought to the screen.
I'd really like to see a film version of the, "Strontium Dog," story, "Portrait of a Mutant," especially as its message (blaming a scapegoat for all your problems) is still relevant.
I always felt that Halo Jones would be pretty relevant today.

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