What's best?


Nerf Herder
Nov 10, 2007
Sutton, Surrey
After a discussion with my other half, we have decided that the only way to resolve our disagreement is by poll: What's best?

The Terminator

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

I forget how to start a poll just reply and comment...
I would have to say Terminator, but only by a hair. The first has a grim story without a truly positive ending. The second becomes a polished action film suitable for the entire family and a fuzzy ending that the rest of the films in the series try to overcome.

Damn, I need to watch these films again. Now.
Seeing an interview with Ridley Scott the other night on CNN's movie traversal, he remarked that T2 was an outstanding film and that the truck going down the LA river was an amazing sequence.
T2. The original was classic, but the sequel just expanded on every positive aspect; better plot, acting, effects. You name it, James Cameron upgraded it. This was the first R rated movie I saw in a theater (I was 10 at the time), and the first time I was hype from start to finish.
The first one. Arnie's is excellent as a menacing robot. T2 has the annoying child and is a bit overblown: The Terminator has Reese and better pacing.

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