"Sandman" is coming to Netflix...


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Jun 17, 2019
As someone who considers sai Gaiman to be a hero, and fell in love with the Sandman books years ago, this is very exciting news!

Netflix is adapting Neil Gaiman's Sandman graphic novels for TV. I had a link, but the message board says I have to acquire a certain post quota before I'll be allowed to link the story. But if you Google it, you're sure to find it.

I enjoyed season 1 of American Gods and have heard good things about Good Omens, so it's going to be interesting to see what they do with this. Will they begin at the beginning, or choose a story from another part of the series? I really enjoyed "Season of Mists" and can totally see that as a TV series.


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Oct 26, 2019
Good Omens was pretty good. (Was it Amazon?) I haven't seen American Gods.

Now, this one will be really difficult. Casting must be perfect. Not good or OK, but perfect. The Endless figures are tied to traditional norms; they have certain attributes tied to certain physical appearances which mainstream movie industry is -supposedly, not really- trying to go against. (At least in female and lgbt+ characters, nonwhite ethnic groups.) But then, good acting and good production may not be enough if they cannot be conveyed as exactly as they are if we consider everything happens because of what they are, not who they are. Because these characters are categories rather than individual characters.

Think about Despair. She is an 'ugly', obese, white female character. That's not a character you can represent in a politically correct way. It's about her being obese, 'ugly', white and most importantly female. Do you get the same kind of 'Despair' from an 'ugly' male or an obese nonwhite female representation? Beside her, there is Death who is a traditionally 'beautiful' white female, Destruction who is a traditionally 'handsome', blonde white male with implied heterosexuality. They are the most powerful, flawless, perfect characters in the group. Then there is Desire who is supposedly 'genderless', he/she constantly changes, but he doesn't really, does he? The character basically carries the bigotic, toxic labels put on lgbt+ groups in a heteronormative world. Lusty, evil, always plotting, perverse sense of joy by being cruel to innocent people...etc. He/she doesn't evoke anything related to a real sense of desire among all kinds of humans, specifically heterosexual male or female groups. Also, Delirium's 'childishness' will be a problem in representing an unbalanced adult character. She can easily come as very wrong when not done carefully.

So they are highly heteronormative, traditional characters.

Am I wrong? There is very little freedom to play with their physical identities if you stay loyal to the story. It would be amazing if they could pull it off with the most diverse cast, but it is a near-impossible task to represent them in an accurate way with different appearances and identities. Not just as themselves but as opposed to each other, as their differences bear a lot as a whole. Even if they did, the reception is about the toxic, collective human memory and its norms and pretty much that is the telling.

I don't know.
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Vince W

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Sep 9, 2011
I love Sandman and would love to see Netflix do this well but I doubt it will be anything more than a weak reflection of the comics. The only thing that will profit from this is Gaiman's wallet.

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