Year of the Rabbit (and similar TV Comedies)

Well, I've got Spaced and Father Ted on DVD. I've also watched Black Books, and most of Comic Strip, if not all (that's going back a while!) Yes, I did also see that rather odd, The Strangerers too. So, that leaves Peep Show and Drop the Dead Donkey. I've also seen Brass Tacks which is appearing as "if you like this, you will like this..."
I watched all of The IT Squad. It is a little dated now, and a little bit hit and miss, but the good parts were very good, and the "have you tried switching it on and off again" gag just runs and runs.

I've been watching a Netflix animation created by Matt Groening called Disenchantment which is now into a second series. I just realised that the voice of the pig was Matt Berry. I looked it up to check and found out Noel Fielding is also a voice actor in it as Stan the Executioner.
The TV Guide says there is a second series of The Year of the Rabbit coming to Channel 4 very soon! (no date given.)

Matt Berry is a busy man. There has also been a second series of What We Do in the Shadows, and a third season of that has been given the okay too.
If Matt Berry is in it then I'm watching
I've a growing appreciation of Matt Berry.
No love for Toast of London?
Plenty here. Bloody Ray Purchase!
I've only just discovered Toast of London (y) It's like if Extras was funnier with sex and bad language. I wasn't sure about it after the first couple of episodes but it builds up. There are some LOL scenes in it. I like the running jokes - Ray Purchase, and Clem Fandango, with his silly made up name, and that Toast doesn't recognise any famous celebrity names.
I've only just discovered Toast of London (y)

I recently re-enjoyed the first series. It flagged a bit in the second, but maybe I just need to leave a break.

I've a growing appreciation of Matt Berry.

Also excellent as Dixon Bainbridge in The Mighty Boosh (that might be my favourite role of his) and in Garth Marenghi's Darkplace.
I normally love Matt Berry et-al, but I really struggled with Year of the Rabbit.

Maybe I will try again once I've finished bingeing Doctor Who and The Twilight Zone.
For those Matt Berry fans, there's a new spoof documentary series starting on BBC2 Thursday 6th August

The phrase "with four more surreal and comic documentaries on a bold and eclectic selection of new themes" suggests that there might have been a previous series of Squeamish About.

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