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Search for Short Story

K Bowman

New Member
Jun 26, 2019
Am searching for a short SF story, read in about 1980 short story anthology, soft cover. Story was of mother earth, after man went to the stars, and that Earth was set to be a cultural history, with a caretaker family, which was responsible to the Emperor of the Galaxy. The caretaker learned that the Emperor's son would spend 2 weeks there, which happened but the son wasn't too sturdy. The Emperor's son dies and upon arrival, the Emperor learns that his son didn't pass muster, he had a weak personality; but worse, he was a coward! The Emperor was broken...................


Western PA High Tech Country Boy
Nov 11, 2011
"Call Him Lord" won the Nebula Award for Best Novelette 1967 and was also a Hugo Award finalist. It was in the Nebula Awards Volume 2 anthology, but I read it in The Book of Gordon Dickson collection.