Describing a society with interludes.


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Jun 25, 2019
Hya everyone!

I've done a lot of reading on this forum but never any posting until now. Hope it's in the right group. :)

For almost ten years or more I started writing a scifi/fantasy story that will be told in about six books or so. It takes place in a galaxy that is fully explored, very technological, overpopulated with all kinds of species that live together with millions of years of history and is basically a dangerous place to travel in. I started doing my interludes with the intention of describing a lot of things to create a society and was wondering what kind of things someone who's introduced to this story would like to read about.

Some of the things I already wrote about:
The dangers of online dating in space
Kids these days
Sports in space
Internet in space
Social media
Science fiction in science fiction

And more...

Anyone else has some inspirational ideas? :)
I'm not sure what an interlude means in this context. The list is a list of topics, but not fleshed out enough to be a story idea, but that's ok. Topics are at least a place to begin the process of story development. If each one became a novel, you've already got enough to keep you busy for another twenty years!
Depends on what the mood of your story is along with the style. Douglas Adams put a lot of stuff into his novels, however it was because he was writing of the absurd and it fit right into that mold.

I put all sort of sh--stuff into my stories and then I go through and figure out what things the reader needs to know as opposed to the ones I thought might be cool and sound good. These are the things you usually cull from the novel.

But who is to say--probably you; because you know the theme and the mood and the voice of the story more than anyone else. If the shoe fits....

[It still might give you something nasty like athlete's foot fungus.]

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