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Old Children's Book


New Member
Jun 19, 2019
Hello. I made this account here to try and locate a book I had as a kid. My memories are vague but I will do my best to give as much as I can remember. The book was likely 1980s-2000s as I read it in the early 2000s. Here is what I remember:

(Edit: Forgot to mention it was a standalone book and not part of a bigger book or anything like that.)
It was in colour.
One large picture on every page on the top, words underneath.
It took place primarily at night.
The characters were all animals.
I'm not sure about the other animals, but the one was a yellowish jackrabbit with large eyes and a very thick jagged outline.
The art of the book was odd, all the characters had this sharp, jagged look to them with thick outlines.
The jackrabbit was also very slender and tall and had buckteeth as well.

The plot of the story went something like this, the jackrabbit was a bit of a jerk, while the other animals were naive. During nightfall, he convinced the other animals that they could catch the moon if they followed its reflection in the river, he sent the other animals chasing the moon's reflection downstream. After they found out he pranked them, they got him back, using the reflection in the water to make him think there was a large carrot in the water when he tried to reach for it, he fell in and got wet. They had finally tricked him back, he learnt his lesson and they became friends.

I remember as a kid, thinking the story looked rather odd, the art like I stated above really stuck out to me. I have asked others about this, some people suggested a 'Br'er Rabbit Story' however I looked it up and although it is similar in the plot, the art style is not the same. Does anyone have any idea what this book is??? I randomly remembered it a few months ago and its been driving me nuts. Like I said judging from how I remember the art style, It was probably 80s-2000s MAYBE 70s but I doubt any older than that.