SF (actual) dreams and nightmares


a better poet than swordsman
May 17, 2019
I remember having this nightmare the summer I was nine. I should explain that my dad was really into UFO stuff, had Hynek's book, several of Von Däniken's, etc. I read them all and became terrified of ETs that, I don't know, would come and abduct us all?

Anyway, the dream. I can remember two scenes. One is at night, near the bottom of a mountain slope, something like a volcano. Aliens in flying saucers are landing, military forces are trying to fight them back. Thing is, when they emerge from their flying saucers, the aliens look like these Weebles ("... wobble but they don't fall down") toys I had, modeled to look like clowns. And that was the most terrifying thing of all.

Second scene: my parents and I are hiding out at some friends', who lived in a fourth-floor apartment. The aliens have already attacked, or maybe taken over the city, and we're all huddling together in fear. I look out the window down to the street. On the sidewalk, a mother and child are walking hand in hand. The aliens zap them and they turn into big apes, like chimps or gorillas. Still hand-in-hand, they start bouncing higher and higher (because they're apes, after all), until I actually see them bouncing past, at the level of our fourth-floor windows.

That's all I remember. But I woke up screaming, and was too terrified to go to sleep for the next three nights. My dad, who's a doctor, had to give me sleeping pills to help me get over it.

Any SF dreams you want to share?