fantasy adult novel about an extremely beautiful girl that is forced to live with royalty


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Jun 18, 2019
I read this book probably 5+ years ago and I really want to re read it for nostalgic reasons!! It takes place in another world, it has a kind of kingdom situation going on, no creatures or monsters that I can remember though. I remember a bunch of scenes in no particular order. It began with one character, a man that is strong and stoic and women all idolize him but he doesn’t typically return the feeling. He works for the royalty somehow and he was searching for beautiful girls that would be a part of the prince’s harem. I think the prince is supposed to marry one of the girls. The man finds an incredibly beautiful young girl with an “old soul”, he has to force her to marry the prince but they end up falling in love instead. There were other plot lines too, I remember one character (i think the prince?) was possessed by some spirit/demon that talks to him in his head. The strong man also has an affair with the prince’s mom, the queen. And I remember a gruesome scene where the queen had to get rid of all of the other children of royalty except for the chosen one for some reason, so she put the other babies in bags and had elephants stomp on them. That was disturbing. Eventually the prince and the beautiful girl marry, he has feelings for her but she is in love with the older guy that works for the royalty. I also remember a scene where the beautiful girl was supposed to be punished for some reason but the older guy takes her place and is publicly lashed.

This was a lot but hopefully someone knows a book like this???
Sounds vaguely like Tristan and Iseult. I wonder if it is a SF retelling of the medieval romance.

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