Agents of Shield 6:03, Fear and Loathing on the Planet of Kitson

I really liked this episode, think it was better focusing on the one story arc and not switching between earth and out of space.

Enoch and Fitz are an excellent comedy duo, then there was Daisy and Simmons high on alien sweets/drugs.
The unfortunate problem we are encountering with focusing on one arc is that cliffhanger moments, like what happened with this episode are left hanging for far too long. You tune in next week only to find you have to wait another week -- or two if it's on break -- to find out what happened.

This was a good episode though. Really enjoyed watching their mind trip from the drugged sweets.

Simmons was so close to Fitz! At least she is reunited with Enoch, which will give him a reason to live. He will be useful in finding where the bounty hunter took Fitz.
I liked a lot of this episode, but the ending bugged me. The seeming reuniting of FitzSimmons (FitzFitz? FitzSquared?) getting wrapped up then would've worked nicely, but now it's prolonged, again.

Enoch's comedy depression was very well done, not least because the despair rang true.

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