DISCUSSION THREAD, June 2019 75-Word Writing Challenge

Karn's Return

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Oct 24, 2018
Chocobo Races
Well done @Victoria Silverwolf , your win blows to smithereens my theory that one shouldn't post too early and instead should let the story simmer and stew for a couple of weeks to ensure the full flavour arises.

And thanks for the votes
@TheDustyZebra @Garfunkel @IntoTheBlack

And thanks for the mentions everyone

Actually, the title is a Shakespeare quote from Much Ado About Nothing.

You can't go far wrong, stealing from the Bard. ;)

As to my effort, I originally was going with the idea of the drones acting like tracking cookies used by the big corporations of Guugli and Fecibuuk, following people around everywhere, and instead of an ad-blocker, my character had an ad-swatter. The chamber at the end was supposed to hint at an anechoic chamber.

I also should have read the other entries before posting because then I would have changed my ending to joyful silence instead of blissful so it didn't clash with @Luiglin's. It would have fitted with the title better as well.

Thanks for listening

Okay, I want to say here and now that I vote to motion that Shakespeare preemptively and immediately be put on the Naughty list. :eek: Nipping this one in the bud.


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Mar 11, 2010

Congratulations Victoria Silverwolf
@Victoria Silverwolf

Boy Meets Girl. Wow. Can you believe it Lady Victoria? You're the first to post a tale, then wowie-kazowie, you, are, awesome. BTW, I noticed that you are also an excellent story reviewer too. How are you going to celebrate your victory. A movie and popcorn perhaps?

So many fantastic entries this month. Astonishingly imaginative authors, and I mean everyone. I am humbled as I stand next to everyone who submitted a post.

Wonderful story @Victoria Silverwolf

Many thanks for the mention @Starbeast and the shortlisting @Ivy Moser
Not Your Usual Succubi..... Delightfully disturbing. Very creepy imagery in your story. Terrific horror writing.

@dannymcg Words Don't Come Easy Yikes. Your tale was like a shocking horror movie. I almost lost my lunch. Wholly Cats! What a story. Please write a nice tale next time. Save the spine-tingling for October. Well done sir.

BTW, don't let the others fool you, I know there are many amazing horror writers here, besides you. Stay awesome pal.

My Story: I wanted to do a tale about a human and an android. The first thing that popped into my mind for a story to post, was this cartoon.


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Jun 17, 2013
Noo Zillund
Congratulations @Victoria Silverwolf for a great story that deserved the win.

thanks for those that mentioned my story and thanks @Starbeast for mentioning my story that wasn't even in this month's challenge!

a massive thank you to @Ursa major for the vote! when I checked in to see how many votes Ms Silverwolf had won by I was incredibly pleasantly surprised to see a late vote for my story. I had given up on the month so the deadline beating vote was very welcome.

my story was inspired by a couple of lines in a cyberpunk definition I read that read something like
"often portraying a change in world order" and "a world run by computers"

I decided to start my story at the cusp of both of these events, I couldn't think of a better MC than a bus and the story was done. unfortunately a lot of the theme references ended up on the cutting floor and I wasn't sure that there was enough to link it back to Noise (and after posting I was worried I had missed the genre too) so very pleased that I garnered a vote