Madness And Magic


Dangerously confused
Apr 8, 2011
Rotorua, New Zealand
Hi Guys,

Good week this week. My latest has just gone out - Madness and Magic: The Seers' War. I'm really pleased with the cover, but the blurb needs work before it goes paperback.

"You can't choose your family. If you could Baen probably wouldn't have chosen his. He could have filled an asylum with his aunts, uncles and grandparents! And Dariya certainly wouldn't have chosen hers. There was no one they wouldn't sacrifice for the Throne of Grenland – including her.

But as they had both learned, family was what you were born with. A life was what you grew into – a good one if you were smart.

Then one day Dariya's uncle sent a raiding party deep into the heart of the Hallows, risking a war with the Fae, and both their worlds were turned upside down. The bonds of family would be tested. The lives they had made for themselves would be thrown into chaos. And all around them madness and magic would rule – as it always had."


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