Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)

I cringed my way through it.

Let's just leave it at 1 and 2 :D I'm trying to think what this brought to the franchise other than 'Arnie is not made for comedy lines.'

Schwarzenegger was the weakest link in this film. And that line ... <cringe> dad joke central.
The big appeal of the original movie was that this guy was going around doing stuff and not caring about rules or anything, not even clothes.
Him blowing away the cops wasn't so much that he was shooting police but that he was unstoppable and unshakable. He shoves the guy from the phone booth and other things. And even when he is very damaged he is still going like nothing's changed.

They decided to abandon that with the sequels. None of the sequels capture the key elements that made the first so popular. It became a parody how much they went in the other direction.
The Terminator was domesticated completely.

If they do another he will probably end up with no gender and give birth to a cyborgian savior character.
Best line in Dark Fate

Arnie - "And ... (pause) I won't be back"
Another nominee:
"I'm reliable, I'm a good listener and I'm very funny."

Then there's Carl's explanation of his vast gun collection:
"Even without a rogue AI taking over, I calculate a 74 percent chance that human civilization will collapse into barbarism. And in that eventuality, these weapons will be vital to protect my family. Also, this is Texas."

I also liked how he deliberated over wearing his iconic sunglasses, then decided to go without them.

I really enjoyed this addition to the franchise. Schwarzenegger's deadpan humor is an essential ingredient to its appeal.

"There's just more to it than picking the right color. It's the texture, the weight of the material. One wrong choice, it can destroy the look of the entire room." -- Carl, the drapes contractor

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