Is it worth buying the last season of Game of Thrones?

The Dexter ending wasn't so bad, it just left possibility for future stories. But I was a big Dexter fan. A lot of people probably thought it didn't give enough closure. They may still make another season..but it's not easy to recapture former glories.
Game of Thrones is more about the rush in the last few episodes, and much of what made the story good being lost.
I will buy the DvDs , I love the extras on DvDs , I heard once that some providers plays the episodes with the commentary but I am not sure about that. I am curious about the commentary for this season.
One thing I don't like about Amazon , for instance, Man in a High Castle is not issued on DvD, I wonder if that means 'forever'?
I may be in the minority but I loved this season. It is hard to make everyone happy and I can see how some people are disappointed who lost their favorite characters but in my opinion this has the best show I have ever watched on television.
Everything about this series was first class. The casting is remarkable. The fact that they cast all these young kids who all turned out to be excellent actors is very impressive. The sets, the costumes, the music are all fantastic and this was a series that will stay with me forever.
Bravo to everyone involved with this show.
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I havent read through this whole thread, and this may be an unpopular opinion, but no. Don't waste your money. Remember it how it used to be, before they lost their source material. Lol
A TV reviewer in the Metro newspaper this morning gave it some faint praise. He said that, at least it was better than the endings of Dexter and Lost.

I'm not sure that anything can touch the ending of Dexter in terms of sheer sloppiness. And it's a shame too, I liked that show so much before the last few episodes.
my deciding factor on getting it even though I had seen it already as it aired.. was to complete my collection . I enjoyed the series as a whole.. why not have the complete set?
The last season is no worse than the penultimate season. I think the disappointment isn't necessarily that the last 2 seasons were bad, just that they were nowhere near the quality of the first 5 or 6. All of the political intrigue was what made the show intriguing for me, and this was replaced with lots of dramatic action sequences. Just because you can have big battles with heroes and monsters doesn't necessarily mean that you should. And in the earlier seasons when you did get these type of scenes they meant so much more. Is there anything in the last 2 seasons that compares with the Red Wedding or the Battle of Kings Landing?

Also the last season especially seems to have been rushed through, with lots of things omitted or brushed over. Considering that the show has been incredibly popular over a number of years , and must have been a great money-spinner for the producers, was there really a need to finish it off so quickly?
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