Large selection of "how to write ebooks" up for sale


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Aug 22, 2007
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Sale ends 13 days from this post.

Humble Bundle is well known to do these big bundle sales where they gather up a selection of materials and sell them for a short period of time with a steep discount. Simply pay at least as much as a tier costs to unlock it; otherwise you're free to pay as much as you want. You can even choose what percentage of your payment goes to which group involved (Charity, Humble Bundle and the Authors)

The top tier is unlocked with only $15 (around £11.49)

Note these are all "ebooks" so digital books to read not physical copies of the books.

Note 2 I've not read any of these, so if anyone has or buys into the bundle and reads up on them it would be great to hear your thoughts on the various titles.


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Jul 5, 2006
That looks good, thanks! I tend to find even if writing books aren't super great (I've read enough of them that it's rare to find new ideas in them!), sometimes they can help motivate or get you to see something in a slightly different way. Saying that, it does depend on how much you want to spend. $1 I'll take a risk, the higher end of the bundle options and I need to research if the books are any good!
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May 1, 2019
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Seems like a good deal...

Not sure if any of those would be helpful for me though. They look like basic tutorials, not the advanced stuff we need to make our stories really stand out. Of course, that's judging the books by their covers -- and their blurbs... So I might be wrong.

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