70s/80s Scifi novel Space adventurers in a deadly alien pyramid

Todd Risser

New Member
May 8, 2019
Late 70s or early 80s sci-fi, read it early in high school. The plot began with a multi-species group of space-faring adventurers trying to make it past traps in an ancient pyramid to acquire vast treasure. All but 1 or 2 were killed. The book had a companion book set in the same universe. In both books an enslaved race of slow-thinking but very strong humanoids were involved. This race had a huge long name like 'pourudoloupolus.' In the book about the treasure hunt, it's one of that race who survives with the captain of the ship. I think its the second book in which that character becomes a Moses-like liberator for his species. If I recall, civilization is winding down, and tech like space craft are becoming harder to repair Nd keep in the air.