(Found) Looking for paperback trilogy in one book, originally purchased 1980's.


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Apr 30, 2019
There is a world where the villages are surrounded by an impenetrable mist and travel between is only possible with the guidance of adepts that can see lines between the villages. These adepts can make things happen through gestures, The protagonist is an inept apprentice who eventually discovers that the lines are lines of communication between computers created by long forgotten ancestors.
No. This was not light humor. I recall that only the adepts could see the lines and when they were in contact with the lines they could make things happen via specific gestures. As the trilogy develops, end of book 2 start of book 3 the lines connecting the towns/villages turn out to be essentially broadcast communication links between computers.
Possibly the Soul Rider series by Jack Chalker.

"Sprits of Flux and Anchor" is the 1st book.

- isolated towns surrounded by "flux" that only wizards can navigate
- from the right time period
- fantasy intro with science fictional elements revealed later
- ancient computers

Don't know how to search publishing history so can't tell if it was ever published as an omnibus volume, also there seem to be 5 books in the series now.