Further sad news concerning John Tolkien


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Mar 27, 2016
People here have probably been aware for some years of the sad accusations concerning Tolkien's eldest son John: there's a fair bit of stuff on the internet and the Catholic church paid compensation without the case coming to court (As I understand it, the case did not come to court due to John's dementia).

This article in today's Observer concerns a tape recording made of John Tolkien in 1994 in which he makes reference to his father's circle of friends.

Please note that the article takes care not to be definite re the authenticity of the tape (but it is likely that the Observer would have felt sure of its provenance).

Please note also that, as I'm sure you are aware, this subject matter by its very nature tends to stir up strong feelings and controversy, and I'm posting for information purposes rather than judgmental.

Here it is:
JRR Tolkien’s son ‘sexually abused by one of father’s friends’
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It's disturbing, but the article says it hasn't actually been proven that it is him on the tape.

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