Mid-80's book with custom DNA treehouses


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Apr 17, 2019
I read this book in the mid 80's. In it, customers would design their "house" by custom designing a tree. The company would then create the seed that would then grow into the tree. It would grow with all the rooms you'd designed - including a bathroom that, um, used what you deposited. It would also grow custom food.

The company created the DNA by dipping the strand into a liquid, and when a piece attached but wasn't the right one, they cut it off with a laser.

I'm pretty sure it was set on Earth, but if it was set elsewhere, this was not a major plot point.

I can't remember any more - I don't remember the plot being particularly deep. But the world building blew my mind so much!

No one was thinking about things like this at that time. It was before we cracked the genome. It really changed my thinking about the future.