Shipwrecked & comatose - where's the mango juice?
Jan 9, 2017
Is anyone else watching this? (For reference, it's on Sky 1 on Friday nights in the UK)

The reason I ask is that I've kinda just binge-watched the first 7 episodes and discovered that it's completely ridiculous but really good in a pulpy sort of way.

I have to say I watched the pilot episode and thought: "meh". The whole concept looked dodgy and the entire pilot seemed riddled with plot holes that you could drive an ambulance through. And from a plot point of view it is seriously flawed. But, the characters are really well drawn and the result is a conceptually flawed idea but a really well-written and compelling character driven series. So, it's a lot of fun to watch if you don't think about it too much.

However, I wondered if anyone else was watching it and what, if anything, you thought of it.