Is Dany really Aerys' daughter?


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Aug 12, 2009
People have a lot of theories about who could be the children of The Mad King but I had a thought.

What if Dany isn't his daughter?

Okay, so, there's 17 years between the births of Prince Rheagar and Prince Viserys and they lose EIGHT children during that time. Also, he become disinterested in his wife as time goes on.

Perhaps the reason Queen Rhaella managed to produce two more heirs was because they weren't real heirs.
Jaime remembered Aerys II always becoming sexually aroused after burning someone alive. With Robert's Rebellion in full swing, Aerys was burning people more and more often. Jaime specifically remembered Aerys II visiting Rhaella and then Rhaella leaving the next day for Dragonstone. If I recall correctly, Daenerys was born 9 months after Rhaella left KL for Dragonstone. The assumption we are supposed to make is that Aerys is her father.

Of course, GRRM gives us much information from which we are supposed to draw conclusion.

For example, Eddard claims Jon as his *******, but will not divulge the mother's identity. Eddard quashes the rumor that Ashara Dayne is Jon's mother, but only tells Catelyn that "Jon is my blood." The conclusion at which we all arrived in our first reading is that Eddard is Jon's father... but the really the facts only state that Eddard detests lying.

Is there any information that Rhaella had a lover? If Rhaegar or Aerys II is Jon's real father, then his mother's blood shows clearly in his appearance. Maybe the same could happen with Rhaella... though, it seems the Valyrian blood runs pure in Dany, eg. scalding hot baths, lived through funeral pyre, hatched dragons, rides Drogon.

I don't think there are any real connections to any lovers for Rhaella. But I suppose I could imagine two... Ser Willem Darry was Dany's guardian until he passed away. She had fond memories of him.

The second would be Tywin. Tywin might have known of Aerys' rape of Joanna. He probably suspected it. He may have imagined she willingly betrayed him... that would explain his doubts to Tyrion's paternity. Mayhaps he wanted revenge upon Aerys II by seducing his wife.... The main problem with this (in as far as Dany is concerned) is that Robert's Rebellion was causing havoc in the Seven Kingdoms and we know that Tywin was ensconced in Casterly Rock with all his strength. He would have needed to travel incognito to KL to seduce Rhaella (and mayhaps to instruct Jaime). Anyway, she was long gone by the time Tywin sacked KL.

This type of revenge seems petty. It seems beneath Tywin. His revenge was 1) reclaiming Jaime from Aerys, 2) Aerys' death, 3) the sacking of Aery's capital, 4) the end of the Targaryen dynasty, and 5) replacing Aerys' own granchildren with Tywin's .

And yet, we do know that Tywin took Shae to his bed. Was it petty revenge upon Tyrion to show who was the real man? Could he have done the same to Aerys?

I think Dany is Aerys' daughter.
I think this is a bit too crackpot with too little to base it on. If we were to apply same leaps to other characters, no child would be that of its presumed father.

I think that the distancing and the ability to carry the child to term are connected. Aerys stopped stressing her out. He imposed on her from time to time, but left her alone most of the time. That seems like something marginally more conductive to carrying a child to term than his constant interest.
I think Tywin took Shae to his bed cause he was the Hand that made use of tunnels to sneak prostitutes in before Tyrion did. Methinks the time between his wife death and his leaving of KL is big enough for him to be that proud lord that varys spoke of. Add to that my believe that Shae was always his father's 'tool' to begin with. Bronn 'finds' her somewhere amongst the camp followers. Shae simply went back to Tywin's bed.
I wholeheartedly love the idea that Shae was planted by Tywin.

Now when did Varys speak of a previous hand using tunnels for prostitutes?

Tywin is recorded as having detested his father's mistress as little more than a prostitute. He turned Tysha, Tyrion's first wife, into a prostitute. He mocked Tyrion's choice of bed partners when he announced Tyrion would be marrying Sansa. And yet he ended up with a camp follower... that's about the bottom of the barrel for a prostitute, I think... as his last lover. Why? Did he secretly like prostitutes? Or was Shae more than a whore?

The combination of the letters "a" and "e" in Shae are almost exclusively reserved for Valyrian/Targaryen names. Did Shae or her mother select the name to seem more exotic or higher class? Or was Shae descended from Aegon the Conqueror? Would Tywin willingly take Aerys' ******* daughter to bed as part of his revenge?
Varys commented to Tyrion about the secret ladder to Chataya, that it was originally made for another hand.
I believe there were plenty of other lusty Hand-of-the-Kings who would need such a ladder that we can somewhat safely exclude Tywin. Especially as he has shown no knowledge of the castle passages.
to each it's own, for me the shoe fits the foot. Chataya doen't seem to exist that long. And there are only a few hands of the king who reigned long enough, and since i don't think it was Jon Arryn, i'm confident it was for Tywin.
I wouldn't agree that the shoe fits. Just because you can force it on, that doesn't mean it fits. Unless the Cinderella's shoe in the original is considered to be a fit for the stepsisters after they mutilated their feet.

We have no evidence whatsoever that Tywin knew about existence of any passage ever. If he had, pretty sure he would have made sure to explore the ever living sh*t out of them and that he would have made precautions against anyone entering his chamber that way. You are also assuming the passage couldn't have lead to whatever was there before Chataya's which might as well have been another brothel or house of a mistress.

Furthermore, Varys says that it was dug for sake of the Hand's honour. Tywin was never depicted as particularly honourable. It would more imply someone who wished to appear pious or someone who wanted to keep up appearances. The honour is rarely mentioned in relation to Tywin. Had it been pride, then we might have an argument.
so you think it might have been for jon arryn (honor) ?

it might have been. it is def. plausible. i still prefer my tywin theory.
I think that the history of Hand-of-Kings is plenty long and Varys' knowledge of history thorough enough to include plenty of possible candidates.
maybe, but to me the ladder is a more recent addition, no proof though
The ladder to Chataya is not the same as tunnels in the Red Keep. Certainly could be that Tywin knew (or even had built) the secret ladder in to the brothel. But the tunnel to his room could be from the building construction.
hmmm... Koopa and I shared the same view on Tywin's duality. Yes, he had detested Tytos having mistresses and parading them around Casterly Rock but it doesn't mean that he can't have his share of sexcapades hahaha! He may be secretive about as he is far more concerned about his legacy. Tywin is not Eddard. And he could be the father of Chataya's daughter, Alayaya. Yeah, my crackpot theory. :)
Alayaya could be Tyrion's sister? That's interesting. Cersei thought Alayaya was Tyrion's whore and then had her whipped. Wouldn't Tyrion (and Alayaya) love to tell Cersei that her sister is a prostitute? Varys would know... mayhaps Middlefinger as well.
So in the world of ice and fire, Martin reports that Rhaella and Ser Bonifer Hasty, were in love. They were very young and the budding romance was ended when she was married to Aerys Ii. If Bonifer was the love of Rhaella’s life, could he be Dnny’s father? This would’ve happened during the tumultuous time of the rebellion. I’ve seen this discussed on the net, but I’m not sold.

I also remember a theory that Danny is just one of the descendants of the first night on dragon stone. The explanation is that if Rhaella’s child was stillborn or born monstrous, it could easily be replaced by a white haired, purple eyed descendent of the dragon lords.
Thinking about this....I'm now going to argue against Aerys being Dany's father.

Lemon trees in Braavos.... Willem Darry, a former master of arms, had very soft hands.... These proves is that what Dany knows about herself is wrong.... So either Viserys was an idiot, misinformed or lying. He was foolish but not idiotic. He could have been misinformed, he was a child himself when they fled Dragonstone. He could be lying. Like Eddard had to die because he knew to much for GRRM to leave alive, maybe it was the same for Viserys. It's a stretch, but maybe Viserys was involved with Illyrio or others to keep Danaerys alive after she died in the cradle.

If Aegon is really Faegon, ie. a Blackfyre attempt to seize the Iron Throne.... then why not Dany as well? She could have been a plot to provide a Valyrian bride to Viserys in order to get the Blackfyre blood to rule.

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