BBC Studios secures the rights to Michael Moorcock’s Runestaff

M. Robert Gibson

Feb 10, 2018
Did we know about this? I've only just found out and I'm perhaps just a little too excited :D

BBC Studios today announces that is has secured the rights to the omnibus of Runestaff fantasy novels by multi-award-winning author Michael Moorcock, with a view to adapting them into a returning TV series. The Runestaff saga consists of four books: The Jewel in the Skull, The Mad God’s Amulet, Sword of the Dawn and The Runestaff.
I wonder if they spent much money to get the rights? If they parted with a large sum, it means there is likely an adaptation coming.
Do you think Michael Moorcock will be involved at all? He is 79, but is still publishing new books, and some new material published as recently as 2015.

The BBC seems to have had a change recently. Maybe it is a Game of Thrones effect? Instead of a diet of reality shows, costume drama, and poor quality science fiction/fantasy made on the cheap, it has gone big budget. The Jack Thorne adaptation of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials, which begins in November, is one of the most expensive TV adaptations ever made, and they are already filming a second season.
I've just read the BBC post and this is the bit that interests me...
The BBC’s global content company and commercial subsidiary also recently announced it is producing The Watch for BBC AMERICA, also with Narrativia, based on Sir Terry Pratchett’s hugely popular “Discworld” novels, which have sold more than 90 million books worldwide. The novels are being adapted for the screen by Simon Allen (The Musketeers and Das Boot).

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