Spotting old books and magazines and dummy newspapers in TV, movies and old photos

Eyes Wide Shut

Not a very good shot. Come on Stanley, focus that thing!
Two old papers Humphrey Bogart leaves through to find information about his missing army buddy, in Dead Reckoning (1946):


Interestingly, the two right hand photos in this first picture show two co-stars in the movie: Lizebeth Scott and William Prince.


And this one features a photo of another actor in the film: George Chandler (it's a coincidence his surname is the same as Lizebeth Scott's character).
And the "Shadow" comic above them:


And I think this is the "Love Novels" magazine above the detective pulps:

In this one, identified by Victoria:

Is the girl holding onto the wheel as the car drives along? In any event, interesting to see the detective story was written by Robert Moore Williams who wrote and published many (more than a hundred) SF stories from the late 1930s through to the mid 50s (Amazing, Startling, Fantastic, etc.).

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