Does anyone here 'Tawk France?'


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Jun 19, 2018
I'm curious if anyone here speaks French? French-Canadian a big plus. I have roughly nine brief lines of dialogue mostly in broken-English, 3-French, 6-French Canadian, that have fractured bits of the French languages in them. The intent being to impress upon the reader a nationality of origin as though they are able to speak English, yet reflexively and preferentially speak their native language.

I've performed the 'google/systran/etc.' translations and checks, yet, that doesn't mean it wasn't translated from English to sub-moron. So, I'm hoping for actual functional speakers/readers to perform a brief check and make suggestions.

In a couple of the lines there is very offensive language.
Please do not subject yourself to something that might trouble you.
I appreciate your consideration regardless.

Thanks for any help that any of you might be able to offer!

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I might be able to help, if you cannot find anyone who speaks Québécois. English is my first language, but I can recognize accents and dialects. My own french is very rusty, but I do have a good friend from Montreal who is fluent.
Malheureusement, bien que j'ai parlé le français tous les jours pendant plus que le moitié de ma vie, c'est le français European (la France, la Suisse romande et même un peu la Belgique, pas le Quebecois ni les creoles. Mais si je peux être utlle, toujours content d'aider.
Thanks @elvet @chrispenycate and @Cathbad ; Due to the offensive language, would any or all of you be willing to have me PM you the lines of dialogue to check?

Thanks again for your help!

This thread makes me think of 'Powerful Pierre' from Huckleberry Hound
I’m fine with colourful words. Most swearing in Montreal (where I grew up) involved the church or religion.
An interesting thing to try is to write a series of sentences and use online translators.
Take the result and translate it back-do that a couple times and see what you get.
Sort of reminds me of that thing where someone whispers something to a person who whispers to the next person what they thought they heard and so on and so on.
Also the translation exercise wasted the better part of my afternoon--back when I tried it.
Yes, well, I've tried various translators for the French, and as I'm discovering they're lacking if not outright wrong. Part of it I suspect is I'm looking for casual adult speech, and I 'guess' what they might be feeding me back is what German's call kinder-Deutsche, or children's German. IOW, very basic; See Dick. See Dick run. See Sally. See Sally play.

Canadian French or Québécois is a whole other kettle of fish... and there are no translation programs to even translate it incorrectly I can find.