The Expanse - 2.10: Cascade


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Aug 21, 2007
Nothing is more powerful than mind of a trapped man. They will think every possible angle to get themselves out from trouble. And they will do anything they can think of, usually going beyond the choices of a normal person, because they're already in the critical situation. People go high from that adrenaline rush as they believe it's the either fight or flight that is coming towards them, and usually they choose to flee from the scene than face their demons.

Funny thing is Erringwright's and Bobby cases couldn't be more different, yet they are two sides of the same coin. Why Mars chooses to not come forward with the alien story? I don't know, because it's really weird that they keep taking a punch in their face time after another. I would personally have believed they would have gone nuts and claimed a total war on Earth when UN Navy destroyed Deimos.

The news of a man at the surface of Ganymede should be on headlines of Interplanetary News Network, but it isn't. Everything that is even hinting the extraterrestrial influence after the Eros incident is handled as if it's a joke. But Erringwright must know deep within himself that the secrets cannot remain hidden once they're open and eventually he'll be facing same situation as the Nazi warcriminals at the Nuremburg Trials. Things that he has allowed to happen with Mao's organisation should have never happened, but slowly Holden and his crew are exposing everything. Therefore they keep painting themselves as a target in the future as trapped man's mind gets desperate.

Man who should be on verge of panic is Dr Ming. But he isn't. There's only a hint of fear in his eyes as him and Amos waves through the crowds of Ganymede station. Maybe it's disbelief. Same thing that I've felt when I've visiting my wife many times in the ICU. You just believe that the worst thing hasn't happened. That somehow the other person is alive and will remain so until foreseeable future. To be honest it's a better position than getting all desperate and let the faith grasp you from the throat. The moment you believe it's all effed is the moment, when the end begins.

You see that thing happening with the other father, Ming's pal, who tried to kick his teeth in the moment them two met again. I'd said to him: "Have some faith man." Same thing that Ming and Detective Miller were having when they walked same steps. Protomolecule is a relentless disease that converts basic human beings to almost unrecognisable husks.

Project Caliban ... a weapons program. I'm with Bobby it cannot be true and Avasarala should know better. The Earth isn't clean. Not by anyone measure. Is it?
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Venus? it's the protomillermolecule someone mentioned earlier.

this is one thing that i think they have done well actually, leaving out a storyline from episodes so people start getting anxious about learning whats going on.

a great episode, again, the earth scenes were very good, ganymede not so much. tbh, holden is beginning to grate on me a bit. amos is great as always.

one big question is just who is the "weapon" being developed for. like bobby, i don't quite believe it is mars
What the hell is happening on Venus?!

If that thing can thrive in harsh nuclear radiation that would kill everything else. Including unshielded electronics then surely it can survive the explosive catalysm and rebuild itself. What it is building under those clouds is the big question. Our probes cannot last very long Venus' harsh conditions. But in the Expanse they might resolved some of those problems as the humanity needs to have a look at the source to find out the truth. Will they orbital drop Bobby in that soup? Can Martian power armour handle superheated corrosive chemicals?
There are some things about this series I find frustrating, but at times it is wonderful. The scene with Bobby looking at the ocean for the first time was definitely the latter.

Also interesting that Errinwright is developing as a character - though I wish Holden would actually develop a personality! For someone supposedly trained to be a leader (according to his mom, last season) Holden seems to be seriously lacking in skills or self-control, and any kind of motivation other than be bounced from one situation to another and get angry about it.

Amos is a great character, though - his simplicity of worldview, and his ability to handle that, is appealing. As is his struggle to deal with any kind of emotion, not least from his past.
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I'm beginning to find Amos annoying, as his back story still hasn't been explored.

You will have to wait for a while to get that unravalled. Be patient, it will get cleared.

Overall, enjoying it, but getting a bit frustrated by the lack of plot forward motion now two series have passed by.

What do you mean?
There's a lot of faffing around doing stuff i.e. a bit like sub-plots, but those sub-plots don't have enough forward motion for me. They've left the revelation about the vac-suit-less creature too long, and we all know something's happening on Venus, but not a mention!
I do like the complexity of the scenario - that's refreshing - but I think they've erred a bit too much on the side of complexity...
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I do like the complexity of the scenario - that's refreshing - but I think they've erred a bit too much on the side of complexity...

Well, the books are more complicated. This is a simplified version. So if you hated some stuff in here, think about having a hundred page caps in those arcs.

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