The Expanse -1.09: Critical Mass


weaver of the unseen
Aug 21, 2007
I have old man's problem. My time is running away. It's literally disappearing ... somewhere and there's never enough of time for everything. But the Expanse:

It makes me smile when I hit spot on and are able to predict what's going to happen. Like I said in the last page, the season 1 is going to finish at crucial point of things going absolutely mental in Eros ... and elsewhere.

This episode marks as a culmination point, like the title suggest. It gathers momentum on all fronts, especially outside Eros, where OPA's leader has let everyone to know that Earth was behind Catenbury's, Donnager's and who knows what else has been blown in the outer space. And therefore it leaves very little for Avasarala to do but raise up her hands and mutter: "sh*t."

In the next episode I expect Mars starting a shooting war, now that the plans are there, but it's not the only place as under the rock, inside Eros things have turned from bad to worse. Normal citizen's don't have many places to go. Especially as this mysterious company, whose really behind everything, has not only started gathering citizens in radiation shelters and given criminals free hands to shoot anyone trying to make resistance. It's not like they want people escape proto-molecule.

Stuff that's literally made from nightmares. You saw that in full view, when they shoved what really went on in Scopuli. The repeated view of Julia finding proto-molecule turned husks screaming their heads off at the reactor. The radiation didn't kill them. It didn't kill the bug at the shelter, instead it looked like it had advanced growth on those people. Think about what would happen if that molecule would find its way into intense radiation belt around Saturn or Mercury.

Well, we see how this ends at next episode, but I can assure you, it's going to be really intense.
Fabulous double episode!!! I loved every second of it, and now we have to wait for season 2 and I don't want to!!!!!!! Seriously, of all the TV shows I watch this has become my absolute favorite. So good!
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