Using an old poem/verse to create something new.

Ian Fortytwo

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Dec 30, 2018
Somewhere on this mortal coil.
A thousand whispers reached down to us, Telling of a delirious goddess,
Who tried to change the world we live in? First she made her followers shadow worship,
And with a luscious rhythm almost succeeded,
Until her sordid laugh was heard,
Which knifed the translucent peace,
So she showered gifts of diamond corduroy, A caramel universe, marble wax and a singing moon,
But soon people wearied of them and asked for,
Naked candy, repulsive sky with summer smoke,
Yet that languid embrace turned into a, Ferocious flower and a rose fiddle,
So the delirious goddess gave up and came down,
To travel on a liquid stream,
While the singing moon continued to,
Knife the translucent peace.

I'm trying to use the above for a fantasy/speculative fiction. I do have some ideas, however as I read it I am finding it quite tricky. I wrote the above using random words to create it, but I thought recently I could use it to create a story. I am open to any ideas thoughts or suggestions. Thank you in advance.


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Jun 19, 2018
First off, I really like the above. Viewing it from a science-fiction viewpoint vs. fantasy, I'm immediately struck with numerous ideas and stages of a story. So, perhaps try that way... a more advanced alien race vs. an actual goddess and see if that prods your thinking a bit more.

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Jan 4, 2018
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The poem has a lot of absurd imagery--diamond corduroy, caramel universe, etc. Were you thinking of keeping those in the story? It could be as your first line says, "a delirious goddess" has gone off the rails, is messing with the normal laws of the universe, causing chaos and freaking out all of the sentient races. I could see it being humorous, even satirical.