Discussion thread: March 2019 75 word story challenge.

Diagnosis, @Victoria Silverwolf - A curious patient discovers that being dead ain’t quite what it used to be. Don’t go out there without a scarf, you’ll catch your undeath.

Birth, @Peter V - A new-born being is harnessed to provide navigation for an unknown space vessel. A slave to the rhythm?

Consciousness, but not as we know it… @Hugh - Deep in the belly of the beast, a vicious character plots their assent to greatness in this tummy-troubling tale that brings new meaning to ‘going with your gut’.

The Fate of the ESS Monitor, @Karn's Return - Driven to distraction by a disembodied voice, the crew of an ill-fated starship turn on each other. When it comes to mind-controlling space aliens, you have to eggspect the uneggspected.
IDLE, @Ashleyne - In a world were laziness is a crime, the punishments are harsh but the options for redemption are truly exhaustive.

He Might Have Moved Too Far Down the Hot-Crazy Scale Tonight, @Tywin - A scientist on the brink of greatness takes desperate measures to test her creation. Electrifying stuff!

WARNING… @Calliopenjo - Interplanetary explorers discover a not-so-subtle warning from their latest object of interest. Maybe leave the sample jar back on the ship this time?

Hall Hath No Fury, @D3athw4lker - After the humans desecrate their home the response is literally a scorched Earth policy. She always did have a volcanic temper...
Parson, Victoria, and Shyrka thank you very much for the review. I do appreciate it.
Now to get back to my other bunch of words. lol.
@nixie .... Creation .... The Pixie Druid gives us a short work of biology

@Marvin .... Time to move on .... Marv writes a theme for ennui and lack of ambition.

Marvin I believe this might be your first 75. I KNOW that you have one of the most impressively low total of posts for someone who has been here nigh on 12 years. Could you have found the side door by chance? Nice Story.

@Pedro Del Mar .... Going on a Bug Hunt .... Pedro sends us down a pipe worrying about what might be coming.
Marvin I believe this might be your first 75. I KNOW that you have one of the most impressively low total of posts for someone who has been here nigh on 12 years. Could you have found the side door by chance? Nice Story.

Less is more.
Everyone is invited around mine for a party when I reach 100 - in three or four years time ;)
@reiver33 .... Game Over, Man! .... Reiver tells us a tale which reminds us of the dark side of having "Your dreams come true."
Ah, speculative fiction... It's genres like this that make it so very hard to create a decent scientific classification system for fiction.

(Which I actually have tried to do, because I'm a librarian with OCPD, and certain things follow naturally from that.)

Anyway, reviews!

Twos Company, Threes A Crowd. (Ian Fortytwo) - There's a woman with a blue box feeling awfully jealous right now.

Phaseolus vulgaris (dannymcg) - Also: when you make jelly from it, it goes terribly with peanut butter.

The Startling Readings of the EKG (D.A. Xiaolin Spires) - You know, you should probably see a doctor for that.

there (Cat's Cradle) - A month of paradise has a high price.

Security Update (benwerd) - This is why I don't trust smart devices. It's all hunky-dory until some hacker gets an instant army.

We Reap What We Sow (juelz4sure) - The death of the Earth is the death of Man as well.

Virtuosity at Paganini's (Luiglin) - My grandmother was right all along - it is the devil's music!

The Final Hope (elvet) - So it turns out weeding out the 99% of germs not resistant to antibiotics was a bad idea. Who knew?

Untitled (IanMH) - Never trust a glowing, pulsating stone, my grandmother used to say. She's proving very wise, today.

Post-hoc (Daysman) - And that's why that doctor got sued.

Twinkle, twinkle little star (scarpelius) - Boy, won't they feel silly when they realise they've been sacrificing people to an uncaring natural phenomenon all this time!

First Contact Troubles (Stable) - I dunno; with a biology that different, the doctor has a point.

Diagnosis (Victoria Silverwolf) - Seems like a fair price to pay for immortality.

The Perks of the Job (Shyrka) - Really, the medical profession does seem like a better place for bloodsuckers than the usual accusation.

Birth (Peter V) - Always so needy, these aliens. It's not like they really need a heartbeat, right?

Consciousness, but not as we know it.... (Hugh) - And this is why I steadfastly refuse to eat beans. Once again, paranoia pays off.

The Fate of the ESS Monitor (Karn's Return) - There's always one egg that escapes destruction. Always.

IDLE (Ashleyne) - An exhausting punishment for a non-exhausting crime.

He Might Have Moved Too Far Down the Hot-Crazy Scale Tonight (Tywin) - You'd be surprised how many of my dates end this way.

WARNING... (Calliopenjo) - An ominous warning, but I'm sure someone will ignore it.

Hell Hath No Fury (D3athw4lker) - The Earth is slow to anger, but terrible in her wrath.

Voice of the Pulsar (johnnyjet) - I would scoff at this, but the History Channel assures me that it's both possible and probable, so...

Creation (nixie) - And that how the Earth was made!

Time to move on (Marvin) - Waiting is so boring, especially when you've got something better coming afterwards.

Going on a Bug Hunt (Pedro Del Mar) - Bug extermination is a hard business in the far-flung future.

Game Over, Man! (reiver33) - Good thing they've got a weapon to fight it off with, huh?
@Artoriarius .... At Least I Didn't Mention a Bloody Mary .... Art writes of a silent killer who manages between the pulses.
Voice of the Pulsar, @johnnyjet - An ominous message received from a far-flung star basically boils down to “get off mah property!”

Creation, @nixie - The dream-like story of the genesis of life. And not a Great Green Arkleseizure in sight!

Time to move on, @Marvin - A disembodied spirit looks down upon their comatose body and hopes for something better. They never had a ghost of a chance.

Going on a Bug Hunt, @Pedro Del Mar - Tracking unknown hostiles, a lone heroine faces a hidden threat. Which beats faster, the motion tracker or her own heart?
"how does a person carry on when the review is better than the story?? "

I don't believe that this has ever been true. I'm positive it has never been true for one of my reviews!

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