Discussion thread: March 2019 75 word story challenge.

There we are. That's the little gift I give to you all this month, and rather proud of this one, though the editing axe was rather brutal to it this time around...
I be after givin' many big thanks to ye, dear lass. Ye be after knowin' a poor author's thumpin' chest organ wit' yer kind words o' reviewin', don' ye know?
Security Upward, @benwerd - Hi. We’ve updated your civilization. Please wait while we finalise the update. This may take several liv-, er, minutes.

We Reap What We Sow, @juelz4sure - Mankind have poisoned the world and Time has come for a bitter harvest.

Virtuosity at Paganin’s, @Luiglin - This DJ plays some devilishly good tunes. Disco Inferno? Burn baby burn!

The Final Hope, @elvet - In a nightmare future where super-bugs have taken over the world, only extreme measures remain. It’s kill or cure.
@Karn's Return .... The Fate of the ESS Monitor .... Karn gives us an offering that would make a wonderful tease for a book.

*Seriously Karn do you have any ambitions for this? I'd be interested as long as it stayed S.F. and didn't go Horror on me.
@Ashleyne .... IDLE .... Ash puts together a story that makes me tired, actually worn out would be more accurate.
OK, I got something down. I have something else going on another site that I'm trying to finish. I hope it works, truth be told. lol.
@Tywin .... He Might Have Moved Too Far Down the Hot-Crazy Scale Tonight .... Tywin introduces us to a story of a mad? half mad? scientist.

@Calliopenjo .... WARNING... .... Calli is all about a warning too important to miss, but often is.
@Hugh I enjoyed your interpretation of pulse. My kind of humour - then again, I'm very much a has-bean.
@IanMH - It takes two, or so the song goes. However, in this eerie tale of pulse-raising possession, I’m not sure who’s taking whom.

Post-hoc, @Daysman - A routine surgery reveals a new universe beyond what we can normally see. A whole new world...

Twinkle, twinkle little star, @scarpelius - On a world locked in the clutches of a malignant star, the remaining populace attempt to appease its wrath. Never underestimate the damage an angry toddler can do.

First Contact Troubles, @Stable - A nurses quick actions avoid a different kind of alien autopsy. It turns out that a being from another world‘s physiology is completely, uh, alien.
Thank you for the summary. I appreciate it. It's always interesting to see the variations of understanding.
@D3athw4lker ... Hell Hath No Fury .... D3W4 crafts a tale of godly persistence and human ignorance. Ba-Boom!
@johnnyjet .... Voice of the Pulsar .... "Johnny comes marching home again." Really? Yes really! Read the message its a good story.
D3athw4lker mystically proves how wrath and mercy can exist in the same being.

johnnyjet scientifically demonstrates the way in which the meaning of a message may depend on the receiver.

nixie poetically offers a new myth of the great emerging from the small.

Marvin subtly delineates the fine line between life and death.

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