Discussion thread: March 2019 75 word story challenge.

Apologies for putting likes on entries. I've been told (rightly) I shouldn't have done it because it might influence the voting so I've taken them off. Hope it won't now offend people because you might get a notification that I've unliked them. I will get the hang of this...
I'm in! It only took me, what, four months? Five?

I did use that time to store up my allotted use of dashes, so I could put them all into this 75 worder. We'll see if voters feel like punishing that.

@IanMH I wouldn't worry too much - they are a friendly bunch.
I agree, @IanMH - no worries. I'm sure it made the folks whose stories you liked happy to receive the like (even though they've been removed). :)
Ian Fortytwo aptly conveys the wonder of discovering a true anomaly.

dannymcg amusingly describes how knowledge changes over time.

D.A. Xiaolin Spires compellingly portrays the ambiguity of a mixed miracle.

Cat's Cradle movingly evokes the mystery of life and death.

benward eerily warns of the weakness of complete regimentation.

juelz4sure poetically creates a new myth of beginnings and ends.

Luiglin mysteriously conjures the electrifying power of music.

elvet powerfully depicts the indefatigable will to survive.

IanMH evocatively pictures the nature of bonding.

Daysman effectively describes the enigma of the self.

scarpelius imaginatively displays the cosmic as viewed by the humble.

Stable excitingly narrates a tense race against time for an act of mercy.
Twos Company, Threes A Crowd, @Ian Fortytwo - A medical drama with its finger on the pulse, this story gets right to the heart of the matter.

Phaseolus vulgaris, @dannymcg - Not to butter you up, but this is a great story. Sometime in the distant future, two mysterious bein’s look pinto one of life’s greatest mysteries. Their discoveries might put the wind up them - I just hope no one gets a black eye. (You’ve got to be kidneying me!).

The Startling Readings of the EKG, @D.A. Xiaolin Spires - A story of paranormal powers that give only the briefest respite from pain. Blessing? Curse? Some would give anything for just a moment’s peace...

There, @Cat's Cradle - Desperate to reach lost loved ones, the subject of this dark tale agrees to a very final contract. Let’s hope they get the most out of it because someone’s about to get the most out of them.
I've posted... and... Aargh! I see @dannymcg has got there first with that particular use of the word pulse. Good story too, Danny!

I've also found that when you post the word sh*t, it automatically gets an asterisk inserted instead of the i. Reactively I'm tempted to see what this automatic censor will do to other words. Naturally I do recognise the importance of family friendly posting, I just hadn't realised it was taken out of your hands.
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@nixie Pulse:
  • medical, heart, wrist, neck;
  • frequency (radio weave, radar);
  • star (pulsar);
  • beat (music);
  • creature movement: jellyfish, octopus, squid, small zoo-plankton;
  • light (laser, neon flicker)
  • instrument (oscilloscope)
  • engines (a bit stretched though)
  • water (waves, poetic though)
  • gravity (moon-ocean-tide)
  • finger on the pulse expression
  • vegetable seeds (beans, lentils, peas)
  • A method of mixing ingredients in a blender or mixer by using bursts of power in very short intervals.
  • city pulse
  • crowd pulse, pulse of the nation
  • ...
too tired to continue :)
I'm sorry I was away for a while taking care of some !@#$ real life stuff.

A belated congratulations to Nixie. Nixie provided a subject that I have to look up. That's OK. I look at it as a chance to learn something. I should be able to come up with something. :D
@Stable .... First Contact Troubles .... Stable brings us a tale from the other side of First Contact scenario.

@Victoria Silverwolf .... Diagnosis .... Victoria slides us a tricky story which keeps blowing away what I expect.

@Shyrka .... The Perks of the Job .... Shy tells of those with a different view of what is for dinner.

@Peter V .... Birth .... Peter goes all navigators of Dune on us.

@Hugh .... Consciousness, but not as we know it…. Hugh blows me away with the direction this story took.

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