Discussion thread: March 2019 75 word story challenge.

Cheers all. First win (yet to be confirmed ;)) since arriving in 2012. I knew that I'd wear you all down. I'd like to thank my wife - who made me rethink the last line; my daughter - who occasionally says hello; the bloke at the bad road junction yesterday morning - who let me out and the lady in Greggs - who gave me an extra stamp on my coffee card.

Last, but not least, thanks to @elvet @Pedro Del Mar @Shyrka @Peter V @D3athw4lker and @Dr_R_Dizzle for the votes plus for the mentions/short listings folks.

I wanted to invoke the same fun and sense of being slave to the beat that I felt during my night clubbing years of ??? years ago (my knees can't hand it these days). To add a twist I dug around a bit and came up with Paganini, 1792-1840, who was an Italian violinist so good that some claimed his Mother or he had sold his soul to the devil. Not forgetting The Devil Went Down to Georgia by the Charlie Daniels Band. The title comes from many nightclubs who host guest spots from DJs or clubs.

I have a genre and a theme but not a clue what to do next? Do they need to go to a mod(s) to be given the thumbs up - they're not weird... no stone-age new romantic or Elizabethan cyber junk - or do I create the two threads in the early hours of the 1st?
It's a surreal feeling isn't it, you look at poll thinking there is a mistake..you're certain someone else will win. I've been entering on and off since the first year and only won once.

Theme and genre, run it past a mod.
Congrats, @Luiglin!

Many thanks to @Parson and @Stable for the votes, and also you those who listed my story. I had drawn a blank for most of the month so I had to just sit down and force myself to write in the end, and it's always nice to end up with something that's not only coherent but is also well received!
Congrats @Luiglin! I think you should check out King Rat by China Mieville btw if you haven't already - it looks like it would be right up your street.

@mosaix Thank you for the vote. <3
Congrats @Luiglin .... A truly worthy winner.


Almost from the beginning I knew I wanted to do something about the "pulse of the world." But earlier this month in another thread I was talking about the fact that I was a "theistic evolutionist" which got me thinking about what that would mean in a literal sense in the creation story. I didn't expect to get any votes so the vote from @Teresa Edgerton was a wonderful and affirming thing, but the real joy was creating the story.
Congrats to Luiglin for the well-deserved win. Their entry was something of a slow-burner for me that didn't immediately spring out as the obvious contender but was one I kept coming back to. Its rich prose and neat references were deliciously seductive... which was kind of the point, I guess? Well played.

Here are the last reviews for March. Better late than never, right?

To Love or Be Loved, @HazelRah - I thought it was “If you love someone, let them go”, not “steal your life force”…?

Caelestis Scopuli, @TheDustyZebra - The lure of the unknown draws many a traveller to their doom. In this case, it’s the lure of some _thing_ unknown...

Pod People Rule, OK, @Ursa major - They say that royalty are out-of-touch with the real world but these aristocrats definitely have their finger on the pulse(s).

Despair is its own kind of calm, @Dr_R_Dizzle - This portrait of familiar creatures of legend taps into a new vein - a slave to the rhythm indeed.

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