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Seeking the best place name generator and the best character name generator


New Member
Feb 22, 2019
I need a good name generator for the alien world created in my sci-fi novel.

Venusian Broon

Defending the SF genre with terminal intensity
Dec 7, 2011
How will you know if the name it generates is a good one?
I don't use name generators as suggested above (won't you then have a chance that you'd be using the same names as other people?) but use a simple mind technique, that just brings names forth...

...but I'd say a good name has to 'feel' right - in that you can write it down and leave it months and when you come back, it fits with the world you've built (Which is difficult to really pin down, as it's 'feels') but also that it is 'layered': that (usually a long time after you've started using it) you realise it has meanings in it's depths that connect to the plot and character.

At least that's how I like to do it.


Juliana Spink Mills. "No capes!"
Jun 28, 2012
Connecticut, USA
For character names, I prefer using baby name sites; I'll google stuff like 'unusual boys names' and then give them a twist if I have to.

At the moment, one of my wip's is set in a land with a matrilineal monarchy as well as a goddess-centric religion, so most place names are derived from women's names (X's Bay, etc...). Do you have any cultural aspects of your world that might guide your place names like in mine?

Other fantasy place names I've used before are often derived from — yup — those same baby name lists as before. Weird baby names (and yes, there are a lot!) make great bases for creating place names.