Ravenheart Question.


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Feb 21, 2019
Who is the Moidart, why don't we get a name? I have almost finished it, but just... It's super frustrating, after the first 2 books with Connavarr and Bane, this story just feels all over the place. There are so much hints to Rigante blood and the Gold and Green eyes, but nothing is letting on to who he is, and why he feels the way he does about the Rigante. Are Kaelin Ring and Gaise brothers.

Ugh, I will carry on, the first 2 books are amazing, and I can't get enough of those stories. These ones, just aren't cutting it.

I know I am VERY LATE these books have been out for ages.
It is possible that Kaelin and Gaise are brother's but you never find out for certain. There's a painting of either the Moidart's mother of grandmother, I can't remember which, but she quite clearly has mis-matched eyes and we are supposed to share the Moidart's doubt.

I couldn't disagree with you more about Ravenheart being 'all over the place'. Personally, I love this book's complexity and its interconnecting themes and the importance of seemingly innocuous characters like Galliot The Borderer, Alterith Shadler and the Apothecary. With just a few short pages about each of these characters Gemmell gives them life and makes them real.

Edit: Oh yeah, and welcome to the Chrons!
You do find out for certain actually - but you have to read Stormrider for your answers.

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