How would you approach the following...?

Cory Swanson

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May 19, 2016
My wife had a traumatic childhood. Therefore, any book or movie that deals with a mentally ill parent and its effects on their children is a major trigger for her. Sadly, she gets walked into these things all the time in books, to the point where she doesn't really read anymore because everyone is so fascinated with poking at this wound and trying to imagine what it would be like, that they don't consider what it might do to a reader.

Really consider whether you want to surprise someone with a serial rapist or a pedophile that the reader has been sympathizing with. What use is it, really? Does it help you in any way? Do you think it could help the reader? I'm leaning towards no on both counts.

Ask yourself why you're so fascinated by poking someone else's wounds. If it's just a literary exercise that makes you feel like a good writer, maybe reconsider.