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SF novel published about 1977-79

T.A. Kirks

New Member
Feb 12, 2019
I am trying to find a novel I remember a lot of plot details from, but the title and author escape me.

It was set in a "future history" sort of thing, with a post-alien invasion that led to the aliens taking over the solar system (which humanity had colonized, already...) and then breeding specialized varieties of humans, some of whom had fled to the Jovian moons. The Jovian Lunar Confederacy were human-descended, but did not ever leave their spacesuits, and had their navels surgically removed. The aliens were kangaroo-like, and there were a bunch of other weirdnesses with all the different sub-varieties of human. The protagonist was a cross-breed from some of the varieties, and wound up going to the alien homeworld where he somehow wound up on top of things.

This wasn't a particularly popular or well-known book, but the thing stuck with me, and I vaguely remember it being by a fairly well-known author. Found it in the library as a kid, and read it from cover to cover. It was probably published in the mid-1970s, because I remember that I found it in the "New Books" part of the library, and I can extrapolate the date from other childhood memories. As I recall, it was after Star Wars, but before Alien...