Having a go at speculative fiction.

Ian Fortytwo

I'll have to jump off this train one day.
Dec 30, 2018
A thousand whispers reached down to us, Telling of a delirious goddess,
Who tried to change the world we live in? First she made her followers shadow worship,
And with a luscious rhythm almost succeeded,
Until her sordid laugh was heard,
Which knifed the translucent peace,
So she showered gifts of diamond corduroy, A caramel universe, marble wax and a singing moon,
But soon people wearied of them and asked for,
Naked candy, repulsive sky with summer smoke,
Yet that languid embrace turned into a, Ferocious flower and a rose fiddle,
So the delirious goddess gave up and came down,
To travel on a liquid stream,
While the singing moon continued to,
Knife the translucent peace.

This is an old poem that I have recently found and was going to adapt into a story. I think it will become speculative fiction with a twist of fantasy. I have many ideas running through my head.

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