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Having a go at speculative fiction.

Ian Fortytwo

Dragons will make a comeback.
Dec 30, 2018
Somewhere on this mortal coil.
A thousand whispers reached down to us, Telling of a delirious goddess,
Who tried to change the world we live in? First she made her followers shadow worship,
And with a luscious rhythm almost succeeded,
Until her sordid laugh was heard,
Which knifed the translucent peace,
So she showered gifts of diamond corduroy, A caramel universe, marble wax and a singing moon,
But soon people wearied of them and asked for,
Naked candy, repulsive sky with summer smoke,
Yet that languid embrace turned into a, Ferocious flower and a rose fiddle,
So the delirious goddess gave up and came down,
To travel on a liquid stream,
While the singing moon continued to,
Knife the translucent peace.

This is an old poem that I have recently found and was going to adapt into a story. I think it will become speculative fiction with a twist of fantasy. I have many ideas running through my head.


I have my very own plant pot!
Jan 4, 2018
North-east England
Were you looking for feedback on the poem? Try posting again in the Critique section.

Or did you have questions about how to go about adapting it? Then try posting in Writing Discussion.

There is a poetry thread somewhere in the forums but it doesn't get much activity. (There's also a recent discussion of Tolkein's poetry in the Tolkein section, if you're interested in that.) I suspect a post in Writing Discussion about what poetry inspires people or how they use it would get a much bigger response.