Andromeda on Amazon Prime (UK)

Okay, i'm not watching it on Prime. I bought the DVD box set a few months ago as i hadn't really seen it and the story summary on Wiki looked pretty good. I started watching last week, and I have to be honest, I found the pilot to be a little poor. Overacted, badly scripted, predicable and not a little silly. However, i'm four episodes in and i'm thoroughly enjoying it. The crew are gelling together nicely and there are some pretty decent SF stories there. Still not 100% convinced, but I am pleased so far that i'll continue to watch the set.
Overacted, badly scripted, predicable and not a little silly.

It does get some what better. 2 years ago you could get the whole thing on Amazon (5 seasons) if you paid for the ConTV add on. It does start out on the same quality level as Hercules or Xena. Sorbo in Space!

It picks up some long plot arcs. The acting gets better as the actors settle into their roles.

I don't think Sorbo does anything without a little campiness/silliness from time to time. As long as you can stand a bit of that, it's better than doing laundry.
I finished the first series last night and it wasn't as bad as I feared. The acting got better as the characters started gelling together, but it's still not great. Some pretty good stories though.

The fight scenes are really badly choreographed. Special Effects aren't too good at this stage either. Reminiscent of B5, but not as beautiful. Looking forward to series two.

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