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(Found) What's the story? Sun -> nova, so humans turn earth into ship...


New Member
Feb 10, 2019
Hi All,

I used to look forward religiously to Asimov's fact & fiction short stories. Amazing stories there.

Between '78 and '82 I read a story about how there was a dire emergency (the Sun going supernova or some such) and the earth had to be taken out of orbit. So humans strapped big rockets to earth. I remember reading about how people were trying to vacuum-proof their homes (made much more sense when I was 13, seems a bit far-fetched now..) Sadly, that's about all I remember.

Anyway, I was just thinking about it because it seems as if this story was the basis for the new Chinese movie "The Wandering Earth". Of course, they have added many elements to stretch it out to a full movie, but still...you can read about it on theverge dot com. I don't have enough cred to post the link.

Seems far too close to that short story from way back...

Anyone know what story it is?



Well-Known Member
Sep 10, 2018
Cixin Liu (author of The Three Body Problem) wrote a novella called "The Wandering Earth", I imagine that is what the movie is based on - though he may have been inspired by the Asimov story.