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(Found) Alien cats on Earth


New Member
Feb 9, 2019
There's an emergency as aliens land on Earth. I believe it's somewhere in the desert. A guy ecentually gets into their spaceship and they are giant cats. And pretty damn condescending. I think in the end he gets to have sex with one of them. Would guess 60s/70s from the plot and style.

Hope someone can help, this has been driving me nuts (and it's so generic I'm not sure where what I remember crosses over into other stories).

Victoria Silverwolf

Vegetarian Werewolf
Dec 9, 2012
Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
Maybe this is The Wanderer (1964) by Fritz Leiber, which has a sexy cat alien.

The Wanderer (Leiber novel) - Wikipedia

In the saucer Paul meets a being calling itself Tigerishka. A large, female telepathic feline creature . . .

As alien as Tigerishka is, Paul becomes besotted with her. Tigerishka eventually yields to his advances.