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Sci-Fi/Horror from late 70's/80's


New Member
Feb 8, 2019
I borrowed this book from my father when I was in High School. This was before the moved. I was in high school between 1984-88 and the book was probably late 70's to 80's. Paperback. The premise was a weaponized radio frequency that triggered infections that normally were not going to be a problem now became deadly. The protagonist had to try to find the source of the signal and disable it.

The section of the book I remember the most was the main character entering it was either a school or some public building where they were moving those affected by the signal to. The author described the out of control symptoms. One of the victims was a teen with acne and the acne was exploding into massive boils on his face. They were also trying to use a satellite phone to try and block the signal.

I read it around the same time I read the Andromeda Strain. That was published in the late 60s and the book I read was after that. I loved Andromeda Strain and my father suggested I try the other book.

Thank you!