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The Book of Hidden Things: Francesco Dimitri


pixie druid
Staff member
May 4, 2005
I may live in Yorkshire but I'm a Scot
Anyone else read this ?

Francesco Dimitri an Italian writer this is his first English book. It comes under the fantasy umbrella but I wouldn't describe it that way, it has more of a supernatural psychological vibe.
I'm not sure I like it, it was a fast read and made me think but it was missing something.
I've seen it described as soft porn or if it had been about 4 women it would be chick lit, I disagree, yes it contains sex but there is more to it.
Four friends have a pact to meet every year in their home town, this year one fails to turn up, it happened once before but this time it was different, Art who come up with the pact is the one missing, when his friends search there is no trace, they find out some disturbing facts and it may be related to his previous disappearance at 14.
Its boring in places and I was put of with the hint of animal cruelty but it was interesting enough to make me want to know what happened to Art.

The ending sucks.