Ace Double M-105 St. Clair Message from Eocene/Three Worlds of Futurity


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Aug 21, 2010
This is kind of a tangent for the Book Search field, but maybe it will be acceptable.

I have a copy of this Ace Double, and I want to know if it is complete.

The two halves end at the bottom of their respective pages. Three Worlds of Futurity ends on the bottom of page 142. Message from the Eocene ends on the bottom of page 114. That seems suspicious to me, that both appear to end at the bottom of the page. There is no ad section in the book's middle as was usual for Ace Doubles.

I don't want to invest the time in reading this gift (a freebie) if it is incomplete.

Can anyone confirm that this copy is, or isn't, complete? Thanks.
I have this book and I know what you mean; the last sentence is really at the very bottom of the page for each book - and my copy also has no separator page.

However, Victoria has it right so they are complete.
Many thanks, Victoria and Matteo! I appreciate your taking the trouble to look into this for me.

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