Food in Stories

Venusian Broon

Defending the SF genre with terminal intensity
Dec 7, 2011
One of my principal characters was living in the early stages of colonisation of the solar system (not just exploration, but actually settling) and found himself in a society of microwave prepared meals and processed algae. In self defense he learns to cook 'Earth style', then develops gadgets to allow for a microgravity environment where atmospheric pressure is too low to make decent tea without a pressure cooker. Oh, grows his own herbs, but is rich enough by this point to import ingredients sent out from Earth, or the various farmed habitats, and flexible enough to use almost anything edible as a starting point. This makes his soirées something rather special, but I rarely specify particular dishes.
Reminds me of an Asimov short story about a culinary competition in the human colonies living in O'Neil type habitats (I guess) and one chef who wins using an unusual ingredient...and what ensues.

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