Writing two different novels at the same time?


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Jan 14, 2017
Staffordshire, UK
I only write short stories. Often, I'm working on multiple stories at the same time. I find it helps me go back to other stories feeling refreshed. I feel better actually writing something than being stuck on something else. I don't consciously divide the time up.

I've just remembered when reading your posts; I used to struggle getting back into some voices, even getting tenses mixed up between stories. I don't seem to any more.
Dec 4, 2018
I've tried writing a novel and short story at the same time, and it was okay, but not really what I enjoy. I don't mind sketching out future novels while I'm writing one, but actually writing two novels at once wouldn't work for me—my worlds would keep interfering with each other. But I can write nonfiction at the same time as fiction.

However, if you can do, then very good. You'll go far.
Jan 28, 2019
Standish, Michigan
I'm currently working on 4 at the same time, though I'm largely focusing on only one. I keep a writing journal for 'seed' ideas when they pop to mind so I don't forget them. I also have separate 'notes' files for each book that I'm working on so when scenes, characters, concepts, etc. come to mind that I'd like to use in that book, but don't have the place for it yet, I have a record of it for later.

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