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S.O.S: I suck at naming Countries!


Level 30 Geek Master
Dec 9, 2015
Mentár was the name I gave the first legendary 'hero' of my world. The city he created, I naturally named Mentária.

After that, I named most of the countries on the northern continent with names that abounded like they belonged to that same "language", even when they also incorporated specific landmarks. Malopia, Cason, etc.
Odd... the names above were autocorrected to the way I've spelled them in my copy of Word! Does the autocorrect use my own copy of Word's dictionary on here??

Joshua Jones

Well-Known Member
Apr 6, 2017
Maryland, USA
Finalitas, finis, finitus...

Final, finish...

Our country is the Biblical end of the land. We'll stay unnoticed until...
Fair enough, although I suspect the Soviets noticed your land before then... the point I was trying to make, of course, is roughly the same as what you made in your second post; real world names are often rather drab compared to what we think we ought to be naming lands in fantasy, but there is an open question about why we push ourselves to do so. I think that was the main point you were making also, right?